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    3D Animation
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    Dr. Nutrition DNP
  • About the project

    Dr. Nutrition DNP needed a design studio they could trust with their reputation. They have more than 7,000 different products and 38 different international brands in the natural products industry. Thousands of people trust their health and fitness to Dr. Nutrition DNP. We knew we could be counted on to deliver the level of quality they demanded.

    We created 3D animations of three of their products and packaging: their slimming cream, Perfect Tea, and their sauna suit. Rather than hiring a camera crew and studio, we generated 3D models.

    Now we had complete control to manipulate the products in whatever way we wanted. We were also able to move and position the virtual camera in the most pleasing way. We used fluid movements that reflected the beautiful results Dr. Nutrition’s customers would expect.

    We were able to save Dr. Nutrition DNP time and money. We took advantage of our use of technology and artistry to present their products with graceful elegance.

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