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    Web Design
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    Oriental Intellectual Property
  • about the project

    Oriental Intellectual Property is one of the international businesses that we work with. They offer a range of IP services covering trademark, copyright, and patents. They needed a website that was modern, but not flashy. Something that inspired confidence and vision.

    After learning about Oriental Intellectual Property’s values and goals, and the personality of the company, we began development by sketching possible designs with wireframes. It’s like storyboarding, but for websites. This helps us plan the most effective way to present the company’s message.

    We went with a flat design for the custom icons and a tasteful use of parallax scrolling to give a modern appeal. We used rich colors to balance that and create a sense of history and stability. The color was actually inspired by their logo. We put together a complementary color palette to keep a consistent brand identity.

    Even our use of typography balances the contemporary and classic appearance.

    It’s not enough for website to look pretty. We worked on programming the website to ensure it was responsive. Whatever device you use, the website looks amazing. The fluid design adapts to the screen sizes of laptops, mobile phones, or tablets.

    Also, it was during the coding that we leveraged JQuery to create subtle animations. Look at the way the pins drop onto the global map. It’s not just for show. It communicates the international reach of Oriental Intellectual Property.

    We’re pleased with this marriage of front-end and back-end design. We always strive to use modern tools and aesthetics in service of the company’s message.

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